Isolergrund foundations offer many advantages which promote building sales

  • Improves a building’s energy performance

    Isolergrund improves a building’s energy performance by reducing heat losses to the ground. It incorporates ground insulation and protection against inward air movement which together act as an additional protective barrier.

  • Fresh and healthy living environment

    Properties built on a Isolergrund foundation provide a fresh living environment. Isolergrund is the building’s protection against the ground contaminants, preventing spores, bacteria and gases that can cause asthma, allergy and fatigue.

  • Comfortable floor temperatures and condense-free surfaces

    Comfortable floor temperatures year-round regardless of outdoor temperature and wind fluctuations. Isolergrund keeps the climate underneath the building at a near constant, warm and dry level, ensuring relative humidity does not exceed 80%RH

  • Total protection against mould and radon gas

    Total protection against mould, radon gas, odour and microorganisms present in the soil Isolergrund provides a sealed and negatively pressurised enclosure, proven by test in each case.

  • Flood protection

    Flood protection is Intrinsic to the design of the Isolergrund system. The 600mm clear void height, underfloor seal and free-draining base offer the building protection against damage during flooding.

  • Access under the building

    Ready access under the building for new building services installations and their maintenance. A purpose made, lockable inspection hatch is integrated into the side wall of the system for this purpose.